Yesterday, when it was 60 and sunny, I began dreaming of backyard get-togethers, with a big pitcher of margaritas, loud music in the background, a roaring bonfire, and a great meal with a bunch of friends. However, Dr. Amy said we still needed to follow social distancing to flatten the curve, so it continues as dream, until it becomes reality.  As  Dewine says, “Ohio, we are all in this together.”


Settling back into reality, I landed on cheese, matzah crackers, and Zoom cocktail hour, but I could not stop thinking about margaritas and knew that they would be the inspiration for this week’s cocktail. Not planning on going to the store, the drink would have to use the ingredients I had at home. You can always find a bowl citrus fruit in our home. (I find by adding a  slice of any fruit to my glass of water makes it easier to stay hydrated.) My fruit bowl had a ton of limes and blood oranges. Another thing we keep on hand for cocktail making- jalapenos. I’ll get to a few necessities next week, but for now just make note- citrus and jalapenos.  The spice of the pepper would balance the tart lime and the sweet orange. It was decided I would be making the Blood Orange Jalapeno Margaritas by Honestly Yum. Feeling inspired and grateful that I had all the ingredients, I started juicing the fruits and looking forward to Zoom cocktail hour. Maybe I will learn to change my Zoom background, so it will appear that I’m in the backyard. (Video can be watched here.)