This week is going to be amazing. Can you say Hamilton on Disney+, the Peach Truck rolls into Cleveland and July 4th!!! I, along with my girl’s squad, will be in the room where it happens. Well, the backyard where it is going to happen. Outdoor movie night will be such a fun way to watch the Hamilton premiere. SO MUCH TO PLAN and entertaining is what I love to do.

I should start by saying that celebrating our country’s independence this year feels very different from years past, but I know I’ll be celebrating friends, freedom, and face masks.

A huge part of having a successful outdoor movie night is the food and drinks, well also the screen set up and sound, but this is not my first time hosting, so I know the drill: long extension cords and excellent speakers.

Since I will have help with the setup and streaming, I will be able to focus on food and drink. That takes us to the Peach Truck; on Wednesday, I will be picking up my 25-pound box of fresh Georgia peaches. THESE. ARE. THE. BEST. PEACHES. EVER. Awesome, Wow! I have picked them up for years and used them to make everything from peach pizza to grilled halloumi and peach salad and, of course, peach cobbler.

This year I’m going to add a Basil-Mint Peach Bourbon Smash to my growing list of recipes. Use this personalized recipe box to keep your cocktail recipes organized.

So what exactly is a cocktail smash? The Smash is a family of cocktails that will generally include: a spirit, sweetener, herbs, seasonal fruit, and ice. In this case, it will be bourbon, peaches, basil, and mint!!!!


Outdoor entertaining should be simple, I think I will make a few different salads and order kabobs from Around Downtown Catering. I love using biodegradable palm leaf plates: very little to clean up but still environmentally friendly. Lots of popcorn and candy will make the night complete!!!



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