Hi friends! You know me as your go-to gal for the greatest personalized gifts around, but I want to take a few seconds to tell you about another passion I have. Mixology! A few years ago, I decided it would be super fun to take an intensive bartending class at Cleveland Bartending School. Of course, I passed the bartending class with flying colors. Kinda crazy – but the idea of making a new cocktail every week seemed like a great idea. Scouring the internet to find creative drinks and then prepping all the ingredients quickly gave me a fantastic home bar and a second creative outlet. Fast forward to coronavirus and social distancing of 2020, a friend of mine started a project called #somethingneweachday, where he wanted to learn something new each day. Every Friday, we record a happy hour lesson. What started out as a one-time event, has quickly evolved to weekly experiment. (More about the project next week.)

Friday’s happy hour is something that is helping me to keep some sort of schedule during this pandemic. Being able to share creative cocktails, I have found, either in books, online, or social media with friends is a way to stay connected. I started creating and sharing recipe cards with groups of friends. One said, “A cocktail cookbook is in your future.”

I wasn’t sure about a book, but for now, this blog will have to do!