Sew Cute Stacy

Hi friends! You know me as your go-to gal for the greatest personalized gifts around, but I want to take a few seconds to give you a closer look at what inspired me to start my biz now nine amazing years ago. Kinda crazy – but I thought it would be super cool to buy an embroidery machine. Playing with it and learning new tricks and techniques was something I developed a passion for. Friends and family would ask me to personalize their items – especially around camp and graduation time – but it was always more a pleasure than a chore. Fast forward and one day in 2008 I went to embroider an item for myself and was out of supplies. Feeling frustrated I vented to my supportive friend who didn’t even hesitate. “You know this could be a business. You love the creativity – give it a try!”

That my friends was the origin of #sewcutestacy!

Stacy Anthony