Patio season is (hopefully) quickly approaching, making it the perfect time to think of a summertime cocktail. One great cocktail to sip on a warm evening is the classic three-ingredient cocktail, Moscow Mule.  I had not had one in a very long time, so I knew that could be a great drink to explore.  I pulled out our copper mugs and began experimenting with a few twists. Having the correct mug or glass is not a deal-breaker, BUT it does enhance the experience we have while enjoying cocktails. You would not want to drink that bold red wine or smoky whiskey severed neat out of a coffee mug. If you plan to build your drinkware collection, I do suggest adding a few copper mugs and while you’re at buy a handful copper straws. (they are in my amazon shopping cart)  While the presentation is the most apparent reason we use copper mugs for this drink, it got me thinking, “Is there scientific reasons behind the mug?”

Geeky mixologist information to follow:

Temperature: The metal is perfect for insulating the cold temperature of the drink, especially useful for summertime drinking, and therefore it keeps this drink chilled to the ideal temperature. Since it is a mug, the handle protects the metal from warming up from your body temperature.

Taste: The benefits are a bit more subjective, and will vary, depending on the recipe or modifications you make. I read that some experts believe that when vodka touches the walls of the mug, the copper begins to oxidize, and it will enhance the taste of the vodka.

So there you have it: whether it be temperature, taste, or experience, you will enjoy sipping an ice-cold Moscow Mules from a copper mug!

This classic drink is very refreshing “as is,” but by experimenting with flavors that you love, you will end up with your perfect drink. A muddled cucumber is a great way to brighten up the flavor.

No happy hour is complete without an appetizer, and the family has been asking about coconut chicken—what a great combo. We adapted our coconut chicken with mango chutney from another Half-Baked Harvest recipe.