There is just something about drinking a whiskey sour on a chilly evening that feels like adulting. The tartness from the freshly squeezed lemon mixed with simple syrup is the opposite of complicated, which is what we all need right now. One of my favorite parts about this drink is the garnish (called a flag in the bartending world). A flag is an orange slice with a cherry. Trust me on this- buy the Luxardo maraschino cherries. My friend Lindsay once called these cherries “the prize at the end of the drink”. That statement is the TRUTH.  While they are on the pricey side, you’ll thank me because they are totally worth every penny.

So here is where it all started….about a week ago, my friend David Morris told me about a project he was interested in starting.  This project called #somethingneweachday, where he would record short videos of friends and strangers showing him how to do different things, so he could learn some new each day. Topics range from how to fold a fitted sheet to how to tie a tie and, of course, mixing cocktaisl.  He reaches out to people who he believes have something to teach him and others. A few weeks ago we chatted about me showing him how to make my favorite cocktail (or one of my favorites) on Friday afternoon. I picked a whiskey sour because it is a drink all at-home bartenders should know. It is a classic drink, and the ingredients are something most of us have at home.  Plus it’s delish! This was one of the first recipes we learned at bartending school. What started out a one episode has quickly evolved to a weekly Friday happy hour video! I hope you follow along as David learns #somethingneweachday, and I experiment with a new cocktail each week! My hope is through this adventure I will connect with you, and we can all celebrate good times together! (watch the video here)